We are sales agents for the largest European producers of beef, veal and pork, with processing plants for meats destined to the European Union, Japan, Middle East, Asia and America. As meat agents, we deal primarily with commodity volume driven meats.

We trade mostly traditional beef and pork primarily from and to the European Union. We recently developed overseas trading selling to high quality meat importers.


We act as importers, exporters, brand creators & brand builders of high quality fresh, frozen and cured meats. We work only with high quality meats into Europe primarily from Usa, Japan and Australia.

We are one of the world leaders in meat import, and the number 1 importer of Angus Beef from the US, with more that 90K tonnes of product sold to some of the most prestigious companies.

We don't believe the best meat in the world exists. We do believe however that the best quality of meat is consistency.


We are producers of innovative, higher added value FMCG meats, and meat related products; through own brands or through licensing.

We believe in creating added value by an extensive research in consumer trends and creative environments. We work hand in hand with retailers, distributors and producers to help them brand our meats ; as we believe strongly food is the new fashion.